Feed the Llamas...

Goats galore...

Our cheeky chipmunks...

mother and baby donkey

The Farm Animals


We have a range of large animals that you can hand feed, including, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas. The large animal barn is also home to pigs, ponies and donkeys.

Our small animal barn houses more furry friends, such as, rabbits, degus, chinchillas, as well as tortoises, turkeys and a range of small birds.

A trip around our hatchery sees incubating eggs, newly hatched chicks and the growing stages of our poultry.

Take a walk around our paddocks to see our other animals and don’t forget to stop and see our emus!

Throughout the season we will have many animals born at Playdale; see the lambs this Spring, the piglets are due at the end of May, and our goat kids will arrive in June and July.

We have daily guinea pig and chick handling sessions, morning and afternoon.

Guinea pig handling: 11:30am & 1:15pm

Chick handling: 11am & 2:30pm


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